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Ethan Miller
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Pup Name: Bearclaw/Ethan Miller - currently Dr. Ethan Cooper (PHD)
Journal Name: noblewarrior
Original Character or Canon?: OC
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Pup Info
Immortal or Mortal?: Immortal
Birthdate/Age: Born 1620, approx 388 years old.
Appearance: Tall (6'2") and powerfully built. Appears to be in his mid 20's, but with a little bit of work can appear from teens to 30's.
Marital/Family Status: Single, had Powhatan wife who died shortly after his first death.
Orientation: Straight
Place Of Origin: Colony of Virginia
Current Place/City of Residence: Bremerston
Occupation(s): Currently Professor of History, Bremerston University.

Strengths:Intelligent and inquisitive, always looking to learn something new.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Has grudge against Virginians for the destruction of his adopted people.

Born 1620 in the English settlement of Hericopolis Virgina. After the town was wiped out by Indians belonging to the Powhatan Confederacy in 1622 he was adopted by members of the tribe and grew up among them. His first death came in 1644 during another war between the Powhatans and white settlers.

Ethan did not know what he was until encountering Titus Quintus Ferris (Lance) in 1697 in then Charles Town, Carolina. The elder immortal took Ethan under his wing as a student and taught him how to use the sword and the rules immortals live by. To this day the two remain good friends.

Known Timeline:
1620-1622 Child in English settlement of Hericopolis, Virginia
1622-1644 Adopted by Powhatan native American tribe and lived with them until his first death in a raid against the English
1645-1697 Frontiersman living among both native and European groups.
1697-1700 Student to Titus Quintus Ferris
1700-1860 - ??
1861-1865 - Served as Cavalry Officer in Union Army during U.S. Civil War. His regiment was part of the Army of the Tennessee, which fought under both Grant and Sherman in the western theatre and was taken east under Sherman for the final year of the war.
1865-1939 - ??
1939-1945 - Joined US Marines and served as naval avaiator. Saw combat in the Pacific Theatre and was part of the 'Cactus Air Force' during the Guadalcanal campaign.
1945-1960 - ??
1960-1964 - David Martin, US Army Special Forces. Saw combat in Vietnam before recruitment by the CIA.
1964-1968 David Martin, Clandestine Service Officer with CIA. Identity lost when he was 'killed' on the West/East German Border.
1968-2003 - ??
2003- current - Ethan Cooper, college student and then history professor. Masters and PHD from University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

Note: Ethan is an original character set in the 'Highlander' Universe which is owned by Panzer/Davis Productions. No money is being made from the use of the universe, please don't sue!